Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wife, what I says about Salaam|Namaste? Sorry? Ejactly!!

Today, our gang went for Salaam|Namaste . The numbers 'salaam-namaste' and 'what's goin' on' are hummable. But, a pregnant girl - probably well into her seventh or eight month - dancing like that? Honestly, what's goin' on? I think there should be a ban on such dance sequences. While we are at it, the kids also seemed to kick a bit too strongly - But there are two in there, and I have no personal experience about the amplitude of kicks - So, I will reserve my judgemnt on that.

Javed Jaffrey - what with the westerns type music in the background, and with his "When you are in Rome, do the Romes" english - was hilarious - or, as Kotts might put it - 'deadly; chaala bhaaga chesaad-le vaadu' (Tr. He has done very well).

Personally, I would never go to the extent of saying that it is a film that never weighs you down as Ziya Us Salam did yesterday. In fact, to put it in my tanglish, the kid in the book-shop, and the climax, etc - what, what things these peoples are doing - I was not even understanding-da. My verdict: It is wa...kay!


Blogger Naim Peress said...

Dear Mogadalai,

It was a good time-pass movie. It's true that Preity Zinta dancing like that while supposedly eight months pregnant is an incredibility. However, as they say in the movies, "Accept the writing." Perhaps you'd like to see my comments on the film at www.cultureasaurus.blogspot.com. Take care.


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