Friday, November 11, 2005

Reco for weekend reading!

I read The Vendor of Sweets of RKN a few days ago. As with any RKN novel, there were a few times when I laughed out loud; a few where I stopped to mull over; a few where I went back to re-read some passage for the sheer pleasure of it; and, finally, a few where I had to stop since tears welled in my eyes.

The magic of RKN lies in his simple narration, which, in the space of a few sentences can bring a vivid picture to your mind, or, make you identify with the mental state of a character completely. The passages where Jagan reminisces about his own marriage and married life, and his talking to Grace about her falling out with Mali are crafted so lovingly and beautifully, it is worth reading the book just for those (and, re-reading in case you have read it already).

Thanks Shencottah for the book and recommendation; and, here is my hearty recommendation to anybody looking for some weekend reading!


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