Saturday, December 03, 2005

Apaharan: a review!

So, we watched Apaharan yesterday. One (and, probably, the only) good thing about the movie is that there were so many cell phones buzzing on the screen, much of the Bangalore movie hall audience (which is used to receiving all their professional and personal calls in the theatre to the annoyance of guys like us), did not even realise that it was their cell phones that were ringing!

The movie was looking like an edited version of Aaj Tak stories interspersed with some scenes from a badly made TV serial. And, the item number (by Mrinalini Sharma?) was unwanted--instead, they could have had a dance number for Bips (who, by the way, was looking gorgeous). Both Nana and Ajay have done a good job; but, I guess it is the director who should be blamed for the final failure of the movie as a whole. Neither the characters nor the story line was developed in any detail leading to a very unsatisfactory final product.

The bottom line: Watch it only if you have nothing else to do--even then, if you really want to watch a Bihar based political (i.e., this-country-is-going-to-the-dogs) movie, watch Shool; what is more, it also has a much better (and aesthetically satisfying) item number by Shilpa Shetty!


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