Friday, September 16, 2005

Blogging, old books, and dictionaries!

This post is triggered by the three links that I got from here:

(1) Will my blogging cause me trouble in finding tenure-track academic jobs? Well, looks like, yes and no!

(2) For the bibliophiles among you, who like 84, Charing cross road, second-hand book-shops, Pradeep Sebastian, and his inimitable endpaper column in the Hindu literary review supplement, here is a good read about saving second-hand book-stores.

(3) Finally, here is a review on a book about the history of OED (Even though the page says 'Full story displayed', I never got the full story - which is a pity). While we are on the topic of dictionaries, here is what Prof. Robert Cahn has to say about the meaningful work he carried out for OED.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I follow u r blogs to find book info!
Why dont you change your blog name to something related to literary info? but the article on second hand book is good, why don you write your own views about that, in UK it is problem but wht the situation in India.

8:08 pm  
Blogger Mogadalai said...

Hi anonymous!

Thank you for your interest in my blog. As I explained in my first post, I named my blog after malgudi and kanthapura, as a mark of respect to two great Indian-English writers whom I like a lot. True, something explicitly literary might help search engines to locate my blog. But somehow, I feel, I would continue with this name, at least for a little while. The second-hand book situation in India is OK, but surely it can be much better. I will soon write a post about my experiences with second-hand and road-side bookshops in Bangalore.

11:00 pm  

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