Friday, November 18, 2005

You know you are in Madras when...

(1) Pleasantly plump Tam-land heroines ask you the colour of your silk saree from colossal hoardings;

(2) Every third bill board that you see is a silk saree advertisement;

(3) In the traffic signal your auto slightly nudges the scooter-wallah ahead, setting his scooter into a roll. He turns around and says Sandhu kedachchaa boonduduradha? - Do you have to squeeze yourself in, if you see a crack? The auto driver just mumbles Gevanikkakala-ba - I did not notice you, man;

(4) Almost all the women in the age range fifteen to fifty carry long, densely strung jasmines on their hair;

(5) Almost every guy on the bike carries a small comb in the back packet; and,

(6) On your way home in the night, when you turn the corner, the fragrance of the parijata flowers stuns you for a moment.

I spent the last four days in Madras (ostensibly attending the NMD-ATM - Go here for the technical feed back). It was wonderful meeting Shankara and Phani (and his family). Phani got the Young Metallurgist of the year award (and made a 300 seconds presentation about his work). And on the personal front I got to meet my brother and his family, my sister and her family, and, my fiancee and her family. So, all that explains the break in blogging. On the whole, a memorable four days - I just loved it.


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