Saturday, December 03, 2005

A guide to heaven!

It starts with a disclaimer of what is missing in the list, of which, a paragraph reads
To keep from losing my mind, I've had to narrow my definition of a "gift book." While firmly believing that any well-written book is a gift, I've favored books that were inherently aesthetic and beautifully produced. Trying to discern what kind of books people might not buy for themselves, I chose those I thought more of an indulgence, rather than those needed to stay sane. (Consequently, you'll find no novels, memoirs or short stories. Yes, I will burn.)
Any well-written book is a gift. Hear! Hear! This is not just a listing of books, but more. It contains excerpts from most of the books listed, which makes it a good read, even if you are not planning to buy any of the books for yourself and/or as a gift. So, enjoy, and, while you are at it, you might even bookmark the essay--just in case you wanted to buy a gift sometime later or happen to come by some money to indulge!


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