Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The birth of a new literary technique!

I have this fancy of writing a novel: it would consist of just the snatches of conversation one overhears in the Institute. The most difficult part of writing such a novel would be in getting the melange of accents, languages, and the moods right. But, if I ever manage, I would have started a new literary movement. Here are some samples:

My wife is doing PhD. She has a test next week. So, I am not planning to go home this weekend.
It will be a disturbance to her?
No, no... She will ask me to take care of the kid. Hi...Hi...Hi...

Kyun-ki, my explanation, is not... what do you call that?

Today, coffee is too sweet.
Yeah, no sugar at all. It is astrocious man!

Who is that babe?
Babe? She is fifty years old.
That is what!

How is this movie ...?
Comedy sooper-u; Movie vurust-u.

Today, it is too cold and no winds. It is going to rain.
Just sometime back we were discussing how windy it is.
It will rain only if it is humid, not if it is cold!

(In the event, it was windy, cold, and not humid. But it rained. The cyclone that crossed the Andhra coast must have been the culprit).


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