Saturday, October 08, 2005

I like that!

Just for this,
Be fearless, like that suave cosmopolitan M. K. Gandhi, that most international of khiladis, who told us repeatedly that while his political gurus were Gokhale and Ranade and Tilak, his spiritual gurus were Tolstoy and Thoreau and Ruskin, and that he got his non-violence not from the Gita, but from the Sermon on the Mount.
it might be worth reading this rather long essay; a link I got from here. While we are at it, I should mention the disgust I felt (from which I have not yet completely recovered) when I heard Shashi Deshpande say that she did not like RK Narayan because he wrote with an western audience in mind.


Blogger kovaiputhalvan said...

I wonder if Shashi Deshpande does grass? Or maybe something stronger. There's no way R. K Narayan could have written what he did with a western audience in mind - anybody who has read his novels can see that.

9:16 pm  
Blogger Mogadalai said...

Yeah. The first time I heard her, I thought, may be, I was on grass:-)

7:25 pm  

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