Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My favourite newspaper on Vibes!

So, last week was Vibes, and we had a special, cool, noisy and flashy visitor on almost all the days; I mean the rain, lightning and the thunder. However, that stopped neither Vibes nor our participation. Here is a nice summing up of the festival in today's Bangalore MetroPlus. The news about the stall the India Literacy project is missing in the report above; I understand from Kotts that this stall had a good number of visitors. By the way, Hindu also had a nice stall which was selling their "The Hindu speaks on" series; I bought the one on music which had some fundoo photographs at the end. And, here is the anticipatory piece that MetroPlus published a few days before the event. I guess the volunteers (Santa, Prasad, Rajesh, Hari, Srini, Viswaroop, and the innumerable others) deserve three cheers...Hip... Hip ...Hooray Hip ...Hip ...Hooray Hip ...Hip ...Hoooooooooray ;-))


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