Monday, October 10, 2005

Ram Guha on Ba!

A nice (albeit short) essay by Ram Guha was published in yesterday's Hindu about Ba. I look forward to the promised biography with more than casual interest.


Anonymous Phaniraj said...

A few years back i had read a biography of Ba. i borrowed it from Eloor, ofcourse. I did'nt leave an impression though. I thin it was by Arun Gandhi. I wonder if
Ram Guha is hinting at this book when he says, 'its far too sentimental'.
The way Guha ended the essay, 'i know i just the person-i will get to work on her at once'; i think something`s amiss.

10:26 pm  
Blogger Mogadalai said...

Thanks Phani for breaking your silence. Yeah, that was preceptive; I did not notice that the last line might mean that he will find somebody else to write the biography. However, if he ever does it himself, it would be wonderful. I also changed Suresha to Thin-film Suresha. Hope to see your (and your trails) here more often,

11:11 pm  

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