Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The High-Tea of Kotts!

It was on a cloudy monsoon evening,
that Kotts (the guy in the middle) gave us a High-Tea.

Friends from far and near came for the party. Let me introduce some of them to you.

Here is Praj the great - the eternal philosopher:

And then, Prof. Chokshi, Kotts' thesis advisor (obviously sad that Kotts is leaving):

Here is the photographer Arun Rao who photographed everybody (so, who photographed him?) with Kris, the local TEM-boss:

This friend of Kotts is here for his colourful dress: do I need to tell you that Arindam is from Bengal?

Here is the Jason Statham of our Department, Rejin, that sleepy headed transporter:

After Statham, it is time for Jackie Chan - Santa II:

Here are (from left to right) Prasad, Easwar, and Panicker. Prasad and Panicker are Kotts' labmates. Easwar used to be Kotts' competitor in A mess, and is presently with TVS, Hosur.

Then comes (Mura)li-ji; like the sorceress in Scorpion King, li-ji can predict the future. We always ask him if it would rain. If he says no, then we remember to carry our umbrellas.

Here is Prady, a member of the hockey club which ran a farewell match for Kotts the other day.

And then comes the Chandrabindhas fame "Mumurshu Gadha", Santa I. Santa is a labmate of Kotts and keeps the conscience of the NRI scientists by singing to them "ye jo desh hai tera".

This is Pandu from CSA, the true chameleon. The pinkos think he is a saffron-wallah. The saffron-wallahs think he is a pinko. Only we know that he is the Dark Lord (of some Ram Gopal Verma movie. What?...Sarkar - Well, may be).

Here is Srini of CPDM, who keeps his eyes in the right direction, which is heavenward:

What? Munna-Bhai. No...No...No... It's our own Shastry Anna-Bhai:-)

Finally, on popular demand, here is (1) Saswata et al and (2) Abi, the Guru of gurus (or, Guru's guru):

Before I sign off - Best of luck Kotts. Do keep in touch. The 2'o clock tea gang, the friday movie gang, the 5'o clock hocky gang - all of us will miss you. Yours truly,


Blogger Santonu said...

and where is "the Guru" and Gurus guru? it will be great if u put the pic where kris, Saswata, Murali are all together! you made comments on Murli's rain predictions it will surely rain today.

1:39 pm  
Anonymous GOD's OWN SRINI said...

I just want to brief a little more on the conversation between me and St.Peter which happened at exactly the same moment when the photo was taken and the conversation was...
A very keen cricketer(that's me) asked a priest(St. Peter, the heaven's doorkeeper), allegedly with good connections on high, whether there was any cricket in heaven. St.Peter replied, “I can’t tell you now, but if you come back on Sunday, I might have an answer.” So on Sunday the Peter told me, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is Yes, there is cricket in heaven. The bad news is that you are in to bat on Friday!”
(Adapted from a jokes section in a cricket website to suit the situation)


3:15 pm  

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