Sunday, October 23, 2005

A literary Sunday!

It is raining heavily, and I am stuck in the lab. Fortunately, the Hindu Sunday edition is up; and, what an edition it turned out to be!
An update

And, I am not the only one who noticed the literary feast. Uma calls it a fest and has more stuff from The Telegraph.

Umberto Eco seems to be in Madras; here is an exclusive interview with 'the professor who writes novels on Sundays'.

And then Vikram Seth talks to Mukund Padmanaban about Two lives.

And then Gowri Ramnarayan pays a tribute to Sundara Ramaswamy: No compromise in writing.

Finally, the inimitable Ram Guha, following his article on Ba, writes about Mahadev Desai, Gandhi's Boswell.

If it is raining outside, it is a literary flood on the net!


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