Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What say you of the Tennis Queen!

That is what Shakepeare would probably have said about Sania Mirza. Here is a report in today's Hindu.
Sania has discipline, tenacity, flamboyance and talent.
She is the first significant Indian female athlete.
The tennis star is an icon.
"Sania has discipline. tenacity,...": may be. "Tennis star = icon": agreed. But, I beg to differ on "the first significant female athlete" stuff. I object not because it is an hyperbole but because it is an injustice to innumerable others: see this, for example. There are many other points in the report on which we may nit-pick. Having said that, I must confess that I also believe and look forward to her world transforming performance.


Blogger Santonu said...

i aggree with you about "first significant".. PT Usha and Anju George probably and numerous others will be ignored in that case

7:10 pm  

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