Monday, October 17, 2005

SMS treats us to a dinner!

That was a nice party Suresh. Thanks a lot. Best of luck. And, keep in touch.

Shape-Memory-Suresh (to disinguish him form Polymer Suresh and Thin-film Suresha - thanks Praj for pointing this out), yesterday treated us to a dinner at Basil to celebrate his admission into TU Delft, Netherlands.

This is Deep; is he contemplating 'The Gajar ka Halwa situation'?

This is SMS giving instructions to the waiter about the camera; but he forgot to tell that me and Prasad should also appear in the photograph. All you can see is my glasses and Prasad's hand. From left to right: SMS, Jayakumar, Sadhana, Kavita, Santa I, Praj, and Deep.

The other angle.

The 'Mumurshu Gadha' with Praj; do they remind you of Samuel Jackson and John Travolta? Who is Samuel Jackson?

Sadhana, in close-up. She is such a cute kid; bore all our nonsense for three hours without losing her patience (as long as she got all the chicken pieces from her father's biriyani).

Prasad and me: we were discussing my marriage plans. Does that explain the smirk on his face (and the glowingly serious expression on my face)?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my office they say it is not at all informative w/out Bhargavi's photo - Rukki.

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Phaniraj said...

Given the international readership that u'r blog has,`m glad to see our photographs here.
I would like to add that we used to remember Prakash from Rangu's lab as NanoPrakash.
I think thinfilm-Suresha is better. For identation we have Sudarshan.

10:35 pm  

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