Friday, November 25, 2005

Eye-catchers in today's Hindu!

Prof. MSS on Mission 2007: every village a knowledge centre. Apparently,
Mission 2007 aims to provide knowledge connectivity to every village of India by August 15, 2007, which marks the 60th anniversary of what Jawaharlal Nehru called "India's tryst with destiny."
What is important is to ensure that all such initiatives designed to help rural and tribal families are pro-poor, pro-women, and pro-livelihood in both design and implementation.
Since Prof. MSS is the Chairman for National Alliance for Mission 2007, the above comment is reassuring.

An apology from the cloning pioneer, that makes a sad reading.
South Korean renowned stem cell expert Hwang Woo-suk on Thursday admitted using ova donated by his two fellow researchers at a press conference. Slowly saying in a depressed tone, the famous professor delivered his apology to South Korean people for the ``embarrassing and tragic'' news.

Review for the play Mahadevbhai. The reviewer is all praise for the play:
Though profoundly ambitious, the production is endearing in its utter simplicity. The play does not just talk about Gandhian principles, but lives it. The modest design, the simple props pulled out of the old trunk, the persona of the young, unassuming actor taken on by the artiste tidying up the stage after using the props, with the dignity of labour of a true Gandhian, the ambience created by the music and the lights, everything evokes Mahadevbhai's commitment to the Gandhian way of life. The flowers on stage create a feeling of reverence for Gandhiji as well as Mahadevbhai.
It is not often that one comes across a piece of theatre where everything is so perfectly balanced. The playwright, performer and the production team richly deserve the standing ovation they received.
It is a pity I missed it. Hope they perform it in Chowdiah sometime - I would love to go!


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