Monday, November 21, 2005

The new KISS principle!

No, it is no longer Keep It Simple, Stupid --- it is Keep It Short, Stupid. Here is what Don Aucoin has to say on the issue. Apparently,
Last month, physicist Stephen Hawking published ''A Briefer History of Time," a condensed version of his best-selling ''A Brief History of Time." If such cosmic matters can be made first brief and then briefer, what's next? ''A Tale of One City"? ''Sketchy Memories of Things Past"? ''A Snapshot of the Artist as a Young Man"?
In a development that means you could, theoretically, absorb the wisdom of the Scriptures while stalled in traffic on the Southeast Expressway, a British publisher recently released ''The 100-Minute Bible," which boils down the Bible into a 64-page paperback by picking out what the publisher calls ''the principle [sic] stories of the life and ministry of its central character, Jesus Christ." This mini-tome is not to be confused with ''The HCSB Light Speed Bible," published last month, which promises to, ''in an exhilarating sweep of 24 hours, expose your mind and heart to every word and teaching of the Old and New Testaments."
Nice read; link via PTDR.


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