Friday, November 25, 2005

The window to my soul...

Take a look at this piece about Pie as a feminist tool: it is just lovely. It starts with
Whenever I wanted a particular man to start paying attention to me, I would start making pies. A simple and obvious flirtation? No. I didn't make the pies to attract the man, I made the pies to test him.
And then,
Pie is a window to a man's soul, a lens by which you can see his true nature and know the measure of his worth. You won't be able to take it all in, not in one slice of pie, not in a thousand. Pie is so revealing -- especially rhubarb pie. But to start with, you can choose several traits and look to confirm their presence.
What pie reveals is how well a man can identify his hunger. How large and looming is that hunger? Can he name it? How does he meet it? How does he greet it? In the feast of life, will he save room for the pie?

These are very good things to know about men.
I am wondering if there is any Indian dish that can be used as a feminist tool in these parts of the world; how about dosas? Or, obbattu? Anything else? Anne Dimock says:
"I think pie's got a very deep and profound meaning in a lot of people's lives," she says. The memory of pie "really evokes a powerful connection for them. I think it speaks to our longing for family, for some closeness and togetherness and perhaps innocence."
It is, and will always be, Idlis and Dosas that give deep and profound meaning to my life; not to mention the coffee to cap it all off! So, if you want to take a peek at my soul, you now know what you should feed me:-)


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